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  1. Dawn Quinn says:

    Hello, I would like to learn more about what steps need to be taken to adopt a family for Christmas.

    • Thanks so much for writing and your generosity at this time of such traumatic losses. I am matching “adopters” with families directly impacted by Hurricane Sandy. In some cases they have lost everything, but some are still in their homes as well. In any case, I start the matching process by asking what size family you would like to adopt this holiday season. Also you can ship the gifts you purchase for the family, or in some cases hand deliver, depending on area.
      Thank you so much for inquiring how you can make a huge difference in a family touched by Hurricane Sandy. I hope to hear back soon, so I can start the matching process.
      Peace, light & love~ Elle Aichele
      Hurricane Sandy Adopt a family for Christmas

  2. Vivian Pham says:

    How can I contact you? I would love to be able to help a family in need for this holiday season. Thank you.

  3. David Powers says:

    I live on Long Island and know of all that has happened from the storm….I would like to give back to a family devastated by the storm…please let me know how I can do this, so maybe they could have a good holiday season, and know that there ARE people who care!

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